Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Training:

Digital Marketing means online marketing or web marketing which is to promote a particular product, company, Information or a brand on various digital media Platforms.


The following are the modules which we are going to discuss in Digital Marketing:
→Search Engine Optimization.
→Search Engine Marketing.
→Social Media Optimization.
→Social Media Marketing.
→Affiliate Marketing.
→Online Reputation Management.
→Google Webmaster tool.
→Google Analytics.
→Gmail Sponsor Promotions.

Digital Marketing Training Course Duration

♦ 30 Working days, daily one and half hours

Search Engine optimization

♦ Business Analysis

♦ Keyword Analysis


♦Heading Optimization

♦Anchor Linking

♦Canonical Linking

♦Content Optimization

♦Like box/Follow box

♦Social Share buttons

♦Footer Optimization

♦Server Optimisaton

Search Engine marketing

♦ Account Setup.

♦Keyword Match Types.

♦Quality Score.

♦ Bid-Management.


♦Pricing Models.

♦Conversion Setup.

♦Remarketing Setup.

♦Campaign Structure.

Social media optimization

♦ Facebook Marketing.

♦ Twitter Marketing.

♦ LinkedIn Marketing.

♦ YouTube Marketing.

♦ Pinterest Marketing.

♦ Google plus Marketing.

Social media marketing

♦ Facebook Ads.




Google web master tools

♦Search Appearance

♦Search Traffic

♦ Google Index


♦Robots.txt Tester

♦XML Sitemaps

♦ URL Parameters

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