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Java Training:

The Java Training Course designed by Zeba creations Pvt.Ltd. ensures students learn the core and advanced topics required for a successful career in Java Software Development. The course includes Core Java with Advanced concepts like J2EE, Struts, Hibernate, Eclipse. .


The following are the modules which we are going to discuss in Java course:
→ Fundamentals.
→ Learning Core JAVA(J2SE).
→ Database Programming (JDBC).
→ Andvanced JAVA(J2EE).
→ Applicability to Industry.
→Struts Framework.
→Hibernate Framework.

Java Training Course Duration

♦ 30 Working days, daily one and half hours


♦ Software Engineering

♦SDLC Process


♦ My SQL


♦»Constrains, Normalization

♦»Joins,Indexer and Views

♦»Procedures, functions

♦»Cursor and Trigger

of Programming



♦» Basic CSS and Styling.


♦» Firebug.

♦»Template Integration.

Database Programming (JDBC)

♦Fundamental of JDBC with Architecture.

♦Types of Drivers.

♦Steps for JDBC Connectivity using MYSQL.

♦Types of Statments and Metadata Interfaces.

♦CRUD operation using Swing.

Applicability to Industry

♦Session Management.

♦» Session Management API.

♦» Session Tracking Technique

♦MVC Design Pattern.


♦Introduction to EJB

♦SOAP Web Services.

Learning Core JAVA(J2SE)

♦ Introduction.


♦Class Members.

♦»Class, Object, Method

♦»Data Types



♦»Garbage Collection.

♦» Source File Layout.

♦Flow Control–Conditional and Looping Statments


♦Object Oriented Features



♦»Overloading and Overriding


♦»Keywords – this, static, final and super

♦»Object, Wrapper Clasees

♦»Abstract and Interface

♦»String Class with String Buffer and Builder


♦File I/O

♦»What is Stream and Types of Stream

♦»File Input and Output Stream and its Methods

♦»File Classes with Commnad Line Arguments


♦JAVA GUI using Swing with Event Handling

♦Collection Framework with Generics

♦»Collection API

♦»List-Vector and Arrays List

♦»Set-Hash Set

♦»Map-Hash Map

♦»Generics with Example

♦»Comparator and Comparable

Advanced JAVA(J2EE)

♦J2EE Architecture and Networking

♦»Introduction to Networks,Protocols

♦»Overview to HTTP

♦»Web Components

♦»Client-Server Architecture and J2EE Architecture

♦»Introduction to CGI and Servlet Programming


♦»Servlets API with Types

♦»Life Cycle

♦»Servlets Components, Listeners, Attributes

♦Java Filters


♦»JSP translation Process with Life Cycle

♦»Types of Scriplets and Comments

♦»Directives, Implicit Objects and Action Tags

♦»Servlet Components, Attributes


♦»Core Tag Library with EL

♦»Custom Tags

Applicability to Industrial Projects

♦Cloud Integration.

♦Applicaiton Deployment on Cloud.

Struts Framework

♦Fundamentals of Struts with Architecture.

♦ Program Structure of Struts with struts.xml.

♦ Struts Tag Library.

♦Results types of Struts.



♦Validations Framework.


♦CRUD Operation using Struts.

Hibernate Framework

♦Fundamental of Hibernate with Architecture.

♦Hibernate Configuration using XML.

♦ Types of Relations.

♦One to One.

♦One to Many.

♦Many to One.

♦Many to Many.

♦CRUD Operations Using Hibernate.

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