PHP & MySQL course

PHP Training Course Duration

→ 30 Working days, daily one and half hours


♦What is Markup Language

♦Basic Structure of HTML

♦ Div and Table Tag

♦Form Tag

♦Form Attributes

♦POST and GET Method

♦Text Input, TextArea

♦Checkbox and Radio

♦Password Field

♦Select Option

♦File Field and Hidden

♦Submit and Reset

♦Creating a Live Website

♦HTML 5 Form Elements

♦Required, Placeholder

♦Email Input

♦Tel Input

♦Url Input

♦Date input

JavaScript & jQuery Plug-ins

♦JavaScript Introduction

♦JavaScript Examples

♦Form Validations

♦Introduction of jQuery Plug-ins

♦Sample Banner jQuery Plug-ins

CSS 2.0 & 3.0

♦Introduction to CSS

♦CSS Selectors

♦Universal Selector

♦Type Selector

♦Class Selector

♦ID Selector

♦Attribute Selector

Advance PHP

♦What is Function?

♦Creating Userdefined

♦Function Libraries

♦Predefined Functions

♦General Functions

♦Include Functions

♦Header Function

♦String Functions

♦Hash Functions

♦Array Functions

♦File Upload Function

♦Mail Function
   (Text/ HTML Mail)

♦Date Time Functions

♦Session Functions

♦Cookie Functions

Dreamweaver Concepts

♦Basic CSS properties

♦Using CSS for Realtime
   Practical Works

♦Custom Form Designing

♦DIV + CSS Layout Design

♦Dreamweaver Basics

♦DWT Template Design

♦Core PHP programming

♦Introduction to PHP and

♦Setup of PHP
   Environment (Xampp)

♦PHP.INI Configuration

♦Directives in PHP.ini

♦Error Types in PHP

♦PHP Syntax

♦Data Types

♦PHP Variables

♦Variable Scopes

♦Super Globals








♦Operators in PHP

♦Conditional Statements


PHP MyAdmin

♦Creating Databases

♦Database Engines

♦Creating Tables

♦Data types in MySQL

♦Creating Fields

♦Primary / Foreign Keys

♦Unique Key

♦Insert Records

♦Delete Records

♦Update Record

♦View Records

♦Drop Database / Tables

♦Connecting to Live Server

Sql Concepts

♦Basics of SQL

♦SQL Syntax

♦Insert Command

♦Retrieving data from

♦Retrieving data with
   specific criteria

♦Retrieving data in specific

♦Updating records

♦Alter table structure

♦Deleting the records

♦Dropping tables

♦Dropping database

Integrating of PHP and mysql

♦PHP MySQL Integration

♦MySQL Functions

♦Creating a database

♦Selecting the DB

♦Inserting data in database

♦Inserting data with a File

♦Retrieving all records

♦Retrieving specific record

♦Retrieving data with

♦Retrieving data in specific

♦Searching the records

♦Editing Records

♦Deleting the records

WordPress CMS with HTML / CSS Basics

♦Types of websites

♦Basics of HTML/CSS

♦What is java script

♦Why Word press?

♦Word press installation on server

♦Changing the default settings

♦Installing and customizing themes

♦Content management in WP

♦Creating categories, pages and posts

♦Adding widgets to site

♦Installing useful plugins for site features

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